Necessity for a Mobile BI

28 Oct

The demand for Mobile BI has phenomenally increased due to the fact that the executive management has become less tethered to desktops and laptops. The management has changed their work environments from traditional office workspace to work anywhere. In order to make up the work force spry and mobile every organization requires a corporate knowledge bank which should provide them unshackled access to the real time data regardless of geography, time and delivery platform.

Mobile BI is one of the best ways for organizations to achieve their goal. People think that BIs are just a collection of boring KPIs to illustrate the performance of an organization. But is a slightly more than that. It actually provides the organization an ability to make dynamic, clean and right decisions using the real time data. If your organization is likely to run an average business, there are two categories you might come across

  • Firstly you wanted to improve your business by using a new platform
  • Secondly, you are satisfied with the current business.

Frankly speaking, if your business falls under the second category then the chances of your need for a mobile BI is limited. But if you wanted to improve your business using a new platform then trust me you are reading the right article.

Most of the people using their mobile devices for generic usage like email access, texting, internet, GPRS etc, while there are a few of them who gets benefited from high end functions or specialized usage like alerts, dashboards, analytics etc.(Shortly Mobile BI).

There are four primary justifications for having a mobile BI:

  1. They accelerate executive decision making
  2. Ameliorate and increase customer service
  3. Augment operational productivity and contour business processes
  4. Extenuate risks and control business processes and assets

Mobile BI is one of the emerging trends in business intelligence today. As Standardization has emerged and the performance breaches have stabilized, the ease of use of Mobile BI has tremendously increased. Reports have become customizable on all types of mobile devices which are wireless and 3G enabled. However, the mobile BI users must comfortably be able to pilot dashboards and analytics, i.e., they should have mobile devices that will help them to navigate their dashboards and guided analytics easily, which is where devices with touch interface and high resolution screen will be a right option.

How many BI Vendors offer this kind of pilot service?

The next time your BI vendors touts its mobile business intelligence capabilities, all you need to do is invite them to present the use cases that demonstrate these capabilities. The presentation will speak for itself, whether the vendor is capable of providing you the services.

Mobile BI is here to stay, and will continue to grow rapidly, as employers increasingly look to keep managers and decision-makers “on the hook” on a 24×7 basis. In other words, certainly there’s hope — but there’s also hype.

For further information on Mobile BI and any other BI related queries please click here


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