BI/DW Services for Manufacturing

2 Nov

With the enhancing competition and ever more demanding customers, manufacturing is never easy. The uninterrupted production and machines scheduled across multiple plants or production lines to meet orders or forecasted demand makes the scenario even more baffling. The outcome of this scenario creates a deep impact on the complete industry and success counts on accurate materials planning.

Managers and analysts in the manufacturing industry who are involved in reviewing metrics such as production capability, planning production schedule based on their current inventories should ensure that the availability of the raw material for their production unit is abundant and make right decisions on plant reallocation for manufacturing their product when required. . This amount of planning requires a basic analysis and an advanced analysis that will help to optimize their production. A basic analysis includes real time status of plant utilization and an analysis of the advanced market demand trends versus the amount of production done by the unit. While an advanced analysis includes analysis of commodities used in the production, a detailed forecast on the output of the production machine and additive programming to optimize production resources.

Following business area are prime areas of concern for manufacturers:

  • Manufacturers need to have a bird’s eye-view of their customer information that will help the sales team to coordinate and collaborate their customer interactions.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Lead time to fulfill customer orders across sales and distribution channels.
  • Improve “order promising” (i.e., when a customer is promised delivery or issue resolution) through analysis of historical statistics, expected lead time, and inventory levels
  • Analysis of usage of products to go for new range of products.
  • Predict and prepare inventory and production levels.
  • Benchmark distributors, and geographies against each other in an attempt to foster increased attention to goals and metrics, as well as reward high performers and aid underachievers.

To overcome they need to maintain optimum level of inventory so as to avoid overstock / short-supply and bring innovative and profitable schemes at marketing level. Business Intelligence is the right tool that will helps in achieving this.

BI can also be used to increase the flexibility and speed of operational reporting.

  • Quickly generate established reports
  • Easily create ad-hoc reports
  • Isolate specific problems
  • Analyze data across multiple systems
  • Integrate new data sources

BI helps manufacturers a better visibility of their financial performance and the insight and understanding to improve it i.e., it provides the solutions for cost and profitability analytics and solutions for operational planning and budgeting. Being able to quickly assess the impact of internal and external changes, BI helps such companies become more agile and better able to keep the bottom line on track.

BI helps managers to be equipped with state-of-the art and exact information to take critical business decisions rather than going on assumptions of a situation.

BI helps to improve communication across increasingly complex manufacturing supply chains, while satisfying customer demands for new products and product enhancements.

How BI helps companies in the Manufacturing Sector:

  • Increase the value of customer relationships
  • Respond quickly to changing markets and company sensitivities
  • Accelerate new product time-to-market
  • Reduce inventory investment
  • Improve planning, scheduling, and the procurement schedule
  • Maintain and develop quality assurance
  • Select and apply world-class technologies

For more information and to find how your company  can get benefited by BI, Please click here


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