Dashboards in MS CRM

6 Jan

Why do you need a Dashboard?

Dashboards are a convenient way to provide you with quick access to information, as well as to allow you to perform common tasks easily and intuitively. In a glance, you can monitor company performance and take any actions needed to improve operating conditions. Using dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat, quickly enabling you to see where your company has been and where it’s going using graphs, charts and maps. They provide an aerial view, preface for all the activities of the departments / organization and help focus on key areas. This is an effort to bring the best practices for creating dashboards and integrate the customized dashboards into MS CRM.

For Managers and Executives

In dynamic business environments, real-time decision-making is critical to maintain efficient operations. To achieve this, they need visibility to up-to-the-minute data about lead status, order status, sales volumes, and employee productivity and so on. When developing a dashboard, don’t be surprised if you hear phrases such as: “Every employee a CFO.” These reflect a realization by companies that faster decision-making helps them succeed. This means giving managers the ability to make decisions on their own. Companies are finding it’s much better to allow a manager to make an immediate decision in response to a market opportunity than to force him to wait for the CFO, or some other executive, to be alerted to the opportunity and then make a decision.

A dashboard supports a manager or executive by doing three things:

  • It answers fundamental questions about the business or business unit.
  • It alerts the user to issues or problems in such areas as production, sales, and revenue.
  • It helps make decisions that impact the business.


  • Monitor vital performance metrics
  • In real-time Customizable to all CRM modules
  • As the dashboards are incorporated into CRM, the dashboards are highly secured access
  • Provides greater and   clearer appearance of the dashboards
  • Draw attention to important information
  • More filtering options to get the info the management/organization is looking for
  • Dynamic alerts that instantly notify management/organization when exceptions occur, or when critical events take place.
  • Develop better, more informed strategies and plans

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